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In most pest control situations, you always look for help from pest control agencies or individuals who know how to manage one. After a visit, you expect the pest problem to settle down so you can go about on your business again. Then in the morning, you find rat droppings all over the place. It turns out the rat problem didn’t go away. Are you familiar with this scenario? We know it can be frustrating, but there are actual and effective ways to curb pests like rats in our homes. This is where we come in.

It turns out. The rat problem wasn’t entirely solved because hard to explore places like drainage systems weren’t touched. The drainage system is one of the favorite hiding places of rats, and if your pest control agency didn’t touch these hard to see places, then you’re just wasting your money.

Here at Ratblocker, we believe in fairness. So, we make sure that we satisfy our end of the bargain. In fact, we go beyond what is needed. Upon calling, we go to your house or building, and we do an inspection. We usually go straight to drainages because rats reside there most of the time. We also inspect other areas for possible rat infestation. This survey/inspection is free. 

After locating the problem, which is usually rats residing inside the drainage system, our team will supply and install our rat blockers. 

Rat blockers are stainless steel non-return valves that are fitted into inspection chambers or on points that rats usually trespass. You don’t have to worry about rat blockers obstructing your drainage. Rat blockers allow toilet waste and any other waste to pass into the main sewer network. And the best deal of all is it restricts rats from entering the property’s waste pipes.


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How the rat blocker works

The rat blocker works by blocking off sewage pipe access to rats from the outside while still permitting the free flow of water and waste from the inside. The rat blocker fits snugly into your water or sewer pipe. Its steel flap opens when fluids need to flow freely into the sewer, but until then, the flap remains closed and prohibits rodents from entering. Quite simply, fluid flows out, but rats can’t get in. This means that if you have multiple lateral drains, only one rat blocker is necessary to protect them all.


Rat blocker block off rats from entering your drains while still allowing the free-flow of elements within your drainage system. Rat blockers only become effective if they’re secured in pipes correctly. The flaps of rat blockers open whenever water rushes out. It doesn’t obstruct water or debris that are coming out of the pipes. The other side of the flap remains close prohibiting the entrance of rats.


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