Rat Blocker Bundle Pack – 4 Inch and 6 Inch included

£300.00 £285.00

Steel Rat Blocker prevents rats from entering buildings through the drainage outlet. The non-return valve allows free flow of waste but blocks any rodents attempting entry in the other direction.

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  • Our rat blocker is an immediate and permanent solution to your rat problem.
  • Rat blocker installation blocks unnecessary expenses like lifting floorboards, creating big holes, removing plasterboards, and more.
  • Rat blockers are much safer compared to conventional pest control, such as poisoning. Aside from the smelling rat carcass, having kids around the house with poison is not an ideal scenario.
  • Our rat blockers can fit in both clay and plastic-type pipes in 4″ size.
  • The unique flaps of our rat blockers don’t catch on the chamber walls, supporting a free flow of sewage volume.
  • Rat blockers don’t only prevent rats from entering your house ever again. Rat blockers also prevent other pests that might get in, such as snakes, frogs, and more.
  • Our rat blockers can be locked. This is convenient if you want to carry out an annual maintenance check or inspection of your sewage system.
  • Our rat blocker’s shape makes it easy to install. Our specialists can complete the free CCTV drain survey and rat blocker installation in just hours tops.
  • Our rat blocker’s valve opens up to a 45-degree angle.

Technical Specification

Length Diameter Thickness Valves
Rat Blockers 4 inch 13cm 9.3cm 2mm 2
Rat Blockers 6 inch 13cm 14.7cm 2mm 2