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2212, 2020

This Christmas Don’t Let Rats and Mice Have All The Joy at Your Home | Rat Prevention Tips

THE CHRISTMAS DON'T LET RATS & MICE HAVE ALL THE JOY AT YOUR HOME Christmas season is coming! Soon we'll be busy planning our holidays and decorating our homes.  Some of us love to keep our homes organised and clean from top to bottom. A few others would [...]

212, 2020

The Definitive Guide: How to stop rat infestation in drains?

THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE: HOW TO STOP RAT INFESTATION IN DRAINS? Here is our definitive guide on how to stop rat infestation in drains and homes. This guide will help you with everything you must know about rats and their prevention from your house.  Understand the nature of [...]

2410, 2020

Why Rats Came Out Of Hiding During COVID-19 | Rodent-Proof Your Home

WHY RATS CAME OUT OF HIDING DURING COVID-19? | RODENT-PROOF YOUR HOME Recent reports suggest COVID-19 has caused a rise in rat infestation complaints by residents around the world. Hungry rats in search of food are reaching places that they haven’t been yet. That's the reason they are seen [...]


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